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4 years ago

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Yesterday was a Tuesday and movie tickets are less expensive on I went and saw Safe Haven with my friends. Honestly I would have much rather went to go watch Hansel and Gretal since I`m not a gushy person and I`m not in love with romantic movies. But this is what I personally thought of the movie.

Plot: A girl named Katie (played by Julianne Hough) runs away from her home and a mysterious dark secret that plagues her throughout the movie to find love with Alex - a widower (played by Josh Duhamel) who lives in a small, but beautiful town with his two young children.

My Opinions: Since I`m not really into romantic movies, for the majority of the movie I didn`t find it too appealing. The beginning of the movie started out with a bit of drama which I wasn`t expecting, but after that initial scene I wasn`t too interested. Don`t get me wrong, I`m all for romance, but I just find romantic movies too cliche most of the time and here again. As is expected from Nicholas Sparks, yes there was a "we`re-in-a-boat-and-it-just-started-raining-really-hard" scene as well.
However I found that things changed for me once the climax came and Katie had to face her dark secret. I was a bit anxious to see how everyone would come out of this conflict alive and unscathed. Honestly, however, the scariest part of this conflict was the lady a couple seats over who gasped so loudly it jolted my friends and I.

While the majority of the movie I found to be cliche, only slightly mitigated by the climax of the movie, there was one aspect of the movie that I really did enjoy.

Spoiler Alert...if you haven`t actually seen the movie you may not want to read this

Jo (played by Cobie Smulders) plays the neighbor and friend of Katie throughout the movie, and as the movie progresses their friendship gets stronger. At the end of the movie (my friend and I just guessed it before it was revealed), it turns out that Jo is actually Alex`s widow. In other words, Jo isn`t actually alive. And yes this sounds creepy, but I promise in the movie it`s actually quite cute and touching. And is the perfect ending to this movie.

Overall I would give it a 2/5. If you`re a sucker for Nicholas Sparks movies though, ignore what I said and go watch it!

<b><strong>Have you or do you want to see this movie? What are your opinions on this movie?</strong></b>

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