Ryan Goosling Shirt! A pajama MUST HAVE!

3 years ago

It around 7 am and I haven`t slept yet. Yeah, I`m taking complete advantage of my day off today.
I was looking through eBay for a t-shirt that my girlfriends would enjoy as belated New Years presents.

As I was shopping on eBay (hey, don`t judge me), I found this adorable shirt that I wanted which had Ryan Gosling (a plus!) and it was in the form of a duckling. The image just made me laugh so hard. Any girl would enjoy this. I`m hitting my 20`s and I`m still a religious Notebook fan. I have probably replayed that movie in my head a million and one times when I`m waiting in line or sitting at the dentist`s office waiting for my name to be called.

I messaged the seller to ask if I could order 30 of these for my late New Years party. It`s such a cute way to spice up your daily pajama wear. A basic white tee with Gosling as a duckling. Also, loving the short sleeves for the night. I don`t appreciate when my pajama tops have long sleeves. I try to wear white pajama tops so can always match my bottoms, no matter what color it is. Are you guys crazy Gosling fans like me?

II won`t be selfish. Here`s the link to the Ryan Gosling shirt and photos: http://www.ebay.com/itm/141163418719

ryangosling awesomeness

Source Link (for some reason the website would not let me paste the URL) http://www.ebay.com/itm/141163418719

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