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4 years ago

This hidden <em>jewel</em> is available at Walgreen`s in their Halloween clearance section. With the 75% off, I paid a whopping 24-cents for this ... and I have to say, if I knew how good these were beforehand I would have picked a few up to have around. I mean, really, who DOESN`T love s`mores?!

Russell Strover never fails to amaze me with some of the stuff they come up with. They took a classic - a s`more and morphed it into a premade candy specialty. The s`more comes with 2 graham crackers and a marshmallow square which is coated in chocolate. The only thing, in my opinion, that would have made this better would have been to put it in the microwave for 5 seconds to get the marshmallow a little gooey. The only reason I`d do that is because when I make s`mores I like to burn the marshmallow and get it all gooey and sticky.

Overall -- two thumbs up on these! I`m going to the movies tomorrow afternoon and there`s a Walgreen`s next door. Looks like I may be popping in to grab the BF and I one of these to sneak in as our snack in the theater :).

Do you like s`mores?
Have you tried these Russell Strover S`mores?

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