Runtastic Pro App Makes running Fantastic!

5 years ago

I really enjoy trying different type of fitness apps, especially the ones for running .Even though im very happy with Sports Tracker, I saw this app that used to cost 6$ for free on the app store.
It is called Runtastic PRO. The app is available for both android and iphone and its just like most running apps, it will track your run on the map using gps, the distance, the time, the speed and saves your workouts for you to analyze later.
What I found to that would set this app apart is the user interface because its very nice and easy to use ( but so its sports tracker) and also the integrated music player with a special function : the power song. You can listen to the songs you have on your library and you can also pick what is called a power song and is that song that you think it gives you more energy when you workout, so when you need that extra boost you just press it to get more energy to keep going and I think thats really neat.

There are probably more stuff in this paid version to explore that I havent found yet but so far its a great app but I dont know about the price because I think its to high and you can find great apps for free (again sports tracker) but since I got it for free its ok. There is also a regular free version of this app if you want to try it.

<strong>Do you use any fitness or running app?</strong>

(pictures are screen shoots I took)

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