Running Is A Great Exercise!

5 years ago

When it comes to losing weight, building muscles or improving your health. Cardio falls under all of this. In the next following day I will list and discuss what kinds of cardio workout are out there. Anything that can get you up, working out so you`ll be able to feel good about yourself!

Cardio is a great exercise everybody can do. There are so many types of cardio so each day. I`ll list what kind of cardio and what it does. Let`s start with running.

+ running doesn`t requires any equipment, but you do need shoes. A great workout shoes are tennis shoes of course.

+ running can take place anywhere. One of my favorite place to go running or jogging is a small little track my neighborhood has.

+ builds up strong bones and connective tissue. We all know milk builds up strong bones, but so does jogging.

+ with no impacted exercise you`ll not get any heart rate that goes up quickly. Gotta stick to the commitment and work your buns off.

+ if you want to take these another step try running up the hills, sprints or if not interval training. These are great ways to burn calories while you`re running.

If you or anyone you know who`s at least 145lbs you can let them know they can burn 300 calories by running at least 5.2 mph for 39 minutes. If a person who weight that much rather walk then let`s just say you`ll burn half of that.

1. How often do you go running?
2. How many miles or minutes, hours you run?

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