Running Diary #5

4 years ago

Even though I`ve been falling behind a bit on posting these running diaries, I haven`t been falling behind on actually running! I`ve been doing a good job staying on track and getting myself up and out the door to go running. I don`t go every single day because my schedule doesn`t always allow it, but I`ve been going quite a lot! And I have the results to prove it!

I managed to drop <strong>15 pounds</strong> since I came home from school, and I truly believe that running (and eating healthier!) has played a huge part in that. My legs are looking sooo much better than before! You can see muscle definition in them now and I can actually feel the muscles when I walk around - awesome! Some of my pairs of shorts are seriously waayy too big for me now (like, not just "they`re a bit loose" big, but actually "they`re falling down to the ground" big!). But I feel great!

When I`m at home, I run around the block that goes around my neighborhood. When I`m at my apartment, I use the treadmill at the gym. I`ve begun noticing that my running routine at home is becoming a bit to easy for me now. Sure, it`s still challenging, but it`s nowhere near as difficult as it was when I started. And then, when I was out at my apartment at school this past week, I noticed while I was on the treadmill that I managed to cut an whole minute off my mile!! I was soooo excited!! :D

My next challenge is to run while I`m on vacation. My summer house is in Florida where the humidity is killer and I`ve never run in humidity like that... so we`ll see how it goes, I guess! :)

I`m just very, very happy with the results I`m getting and with how good I feel. I`d love to drop another 10 or 15 pounds before going back out to school at the end of August, so I`ll be working toward that the rest of the summer!

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