Running Diary #4

4 years ago

I`ve been running every day but have fallen behind in writing these running diaries, lol! My last one was about me running at my apartment back at my school, but since then I`ve been back home and running outdoors again :)

I usually run twice around the block around my house (and it`s one big block, lol. It`s old farmland and used to be all fields!). Usually, I`ll alternate which roads I run and walk on, but this time, I actually managed to run the entire time around the first block! I was definitely very happy with myself :) I wasn`t as tired or out of breath as quickly this time, so I was able to run much farther than I usually do (unless I`m on a treadmill - for some reason, I can run much longer on a treadmill than I can outside on the pavement).

The temperature has been dropping lately and it`s hard for me to go running when it`s colder out because my ears really start to hurt. I`ve tried putting cotton in my ears but sometimes that doesn`t always work, so I usually end up wearing a hoodie and putting the hood up and protecting my ears. Anybody know why this might be? I`m going to do some research now about it, lol.

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