Running Diary #3

4 years ago

I`ve been keeping on track with my running as best as possible! I`ve been driving back and forth from my apartment and home the past few days for various reasons, so I haven`t been able to go running every single day, but I have managed to hit the gym when I could :)

I was out at my apartment at school this past week on and off (it was a lot of driving - I was there one day and left the next, then went back the day after that and came back home again the next day after that. Crazy! And each drive is two hours!) and I really wanted to make sure I got to the gym at my apartment. I like using the treadmill because it`s so much easier for me to keep track of how fast I`m going, what my time is, and how far I`ve gone. So before going out for a night of alcoholing (yes, I just made alcohol into a verb), I hit the gym! :)

On the treadmill, I went 2.3 miles in thirty minutes. I ran the first whole mile (I always run at least the first mile) and then ran/walked intermittently the rest of the time. It felt great! Definitely was a nice workout. After the first mile I upped the incline on the treadmill, too, so I was working out my muscles pretty well even while I was power walking. There were two guys in the gym when I went and they actually moved over to the machine right next to my treadmill ;)

I think I`m going to begin pushing myself a little harder now. I`ve gotten my routine down pretty good (it`s a bit different when I run at home because my distance doesn`t evenly measure out into miles like it does when I use the treadmill) so I think I`ll start pushing myself farther and harder. I`m committed!

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