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I went running tonight and loved it! I haven`t been running in a few weeks and actually missed it, lol. At my apartment at school, I have a gym readily available to use, but now that I`m at home, I actually have to get up and convince myself to go running around my neighborhood. But I did! :D

I want to start running everyday. I`ve never really kept myself on a schedule, but I want to. I want to become more fit and healthy and I think starting some sort of running schedule will help keep me on track and focused. I also want to work on getting my mile down! :)

To help me stay on track, I think I might do daily posts about my running for that day. Hopefully it`ll help me keep track of how well I`m doing and how much I`m improving! So we`ll start with today - I didn`t bring a timer with me or anything, but it just felt good to get out running again. My timer is still at my apartment, so maybe I`ll go get another one to keep at home with me. Distance is hard for me to measure at home because I just run around my neighborhood. So I was thinking about getting in my car and driving around and measuring it that way to see how far each mile is and whatnot. I`m just happy about finally getting my butt in gear, lol!

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