Runner`s Review for Nike Hyper II Shoe

5 years ago

Im normally an Asics kind of girl, but I figured I would give the Nike brand a try since everyone seems to be wearing them now. I purchased the Nike Livestrong Hyper IIs during last years post Christmas sales for $50 rather than the normal $85. Looks-wise, these shoes are great! I love the parakeet green color and the streamlined modern shape. For casual walking and everyday wear, they are very comfortable.
Now for a little background on my feet
I have a very high arch and a wide foot, kind of a weird combination. In terms of arch support, these shoes fall flat, which is to be expected due to their minimalist design.
With my odd foot shape, I tend to have a hard time finding the perfect running shoe to prevent my feet from blistering. What I absolutely LOVE about these shoes is the fact that the back is entirely fabric, no cardboard whatsoever. I have yet to get heel blisters after a run! However, I have gotten horrible blisters in the toe-box region of the shoe due to it sliding around a lot, which is a definite negative.
With my running schedule, I run any where from 4 to 15 miles at a time and I have found that these shoes only cut it for my short runs. Anywhere over 6 miles and I find my feet killing me in the middle of the run and for hours after due to the lack of shock absorption and arch support.
I also found that the flexible tracking on the bottom can collect a lot of dirt, weighing them down if you run through mud or grass. Also, they tend to track dried mud around the house if you forget to take them off :3
In summary, I would recommend this shoe for beginning road runners, or those who want a fashionable aerobics shoe. They may work for those who have been running in the barefoot or minimalist style for a while, but can really give your feet a pounding if you are not used to that lack of cushioning.

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