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4 years ago

One thing that is very important and a lot of people, especially beginners, forget is how to breath properly when running. I have been running for more than a year and even sometimes i don`t get it right and that leads not only to a uncomfortable feeling but you also get that pain on the side of your abs (i don`t know the expression for it in english but you probably know what im talking about), but proper breathing can fix that.

I found a article that teach people how to breath and that i thought it interesting to share:

<strong> - "Breath Deeply" </strong> so you can get the most oxygen to your muscles and keep you going, otherwise you will lose energy and will have to stop or slow down.

<strong>- "Match your breathing with your step" </strong> and this is a way to keep track of your breathing and make sure you are breathing correctly and they recommend you to inhale for 3 steps and exhale in 3 steps.

<strong>- Try breathing through your nose more</strong> in cooler temperatures because of the dry air or otherwise you get shortness of breath and you also breath more efficiently through your nose. I do try to do this a lot but sometimes its difficult =/

So, here are some tips and as you can see breathing is very important when running, or in every form of exercise, and it will improve your performance during the workout.

<strong>Do you have problems breathing while exercising?
Do you run/jog?</strong>

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