Run, Zombies! - Finally Out For Download

5 years ago

Months ago i posted about an app that seemed awesome and made running into a fun game. The app is called "Run, Zombies!" and its like a running game that not only tracks your run but makes you run from the zombies and survive.
You have different levels and missions that you can and track you run at the same time, so you get a workout and a fun game out of it.
After months of work, the app was released today on the app store and in the next months it will be available for Android. The app costs 6/8$, which is a lot for an app and thats the reason im not doing a review right now on it =/ They do mention about making a demo version soon for people to try.

The good thing about this app, besides looking like a lot of fun, is the fact that you can use it on other iDevices and not only the iphone and you don`t need a data plan/connection, which is great because that can be expensive.

The app seems very cool and i can`t wait to try it but i might wait for a demo version or a price reduction, i don`t know what im going to do to try it out because its a lot of money for an app but once i do i will review it.

<strong>What do you think of this game/running app? Will you download it?
Do you use any sports app?</strong>

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