Rugby for NOOBS

4 years ago

Rugby is a game widely played throughout the world, it involves 30 players 15 each side running with the ball in their hands aiming to get to the other end of the pitch which is the opponents try line. the opponents can tackle the person running with the ball but only that person untill he/she has passed it atleast. Tackles must not be around the neck and you may not pick the player up and force him into the ground. Other than that rules are the same as other sports, they have an offside law which is obvious. if you drop the ball foward thats called a knock on and results in the opponents scrum. Rugby is a brilliant sport for adrenaline junkies. I dont care hat anyone says there is no better feeling on match day wearing your badge and running out through the tunnel. Another plus point with rugby is it encourages people of all shapes and sizes, dont ever think your too small to play just google "shane williams" he was voted the best player in the world in 2010 i think. Dont ever think your too overweight because there are plenty of big players playing. Unlike football/Soccer where all players match the stereotypical stick insect. If you dont mind getting your nose broken and a few other injuries rugby sure is the sport for you.. what i have noticed with rugby is, it has a brilliant social side. Thanks for reading guys :D

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