Rue 21 Perfume Review!

4 years ago

It`s been quite awhile since I last posted a perfume review, so I figured it`s time to do another! This particular perfume is Rue by Rue 21. I got it quite a number of years ago when I was on a trip to Wisconsin and it`s kind of just been sitting on my perfume shelf ever since. I`m actually glad that I pulled it down, because I had sort of forgotten what it smells like!

This was an impulse buy at Rue 21 while I was checking out at the register. I smelled it and immediately loved it and, without thinking, just added it to the things I was buying. Rue 21`s website lists it for $9.99, but for some reason I believe I paid a bit more for it at the time that I bought it.

I actually like the smell of it more when it`s sprayed than how it smells in the bottle. I came across a description of the scent on Rue 21`s website and it says, "The scent is a shimmering burst of pineapple and luscious melons infused with blue marine waves, florals and seducing sandalwood." I`m not sure about the pineapple, but I do get the tiniest hint of melon. It definitely has a "marine" scent to it (if that makes sense, lol) and the sandalwood stands out, too. To be honest, it`s nothing incredibly special. It just smells okay. After all, it is just a store perfume.

The bottle contains 1.7 ounces which is actually quite a lot considering the $9.99 price, so it`s definitely a good deal. The bottle looks pretty cool, too. I wouldn`t say that this is a "must-smell" scent or anything, but if you`re in Rue 21 and happen to see it, give it a try just to test it out. Like I said before, it`s nothing spectacularly special, but it is nice. It`s definitely a daytime kind of scent, like the kind you`d wear if you were just hanging out with some friends at your house or whatever. I do think I`m going to try and wear it more often just to get some more use out of it. I have this awful habit of neglecting some of my perfumes, lol :P

Be on the lookout for more perfume reviews coming up!! :)

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