Ruby Tuesday new menu review

4 years ago

Ruby Tuesdays has recently been advertising a new addition of dishes to their menu and i have been wanting to try them.
So i told my mom and she decided we could skip AppleBee`s for a day and head across the parking lot to Ruby Tuesdays,
literally it`s right across the parking lot.
We have only ever eaten at the Ruby Tuesday`s in town 1.
and it`s been there for probably around 10 years, we weren`t fond of the service nor the food.
In fact our waitress on this trip was quite flighty we had to ask multiple time for drink orders.
Now onto the food portion
Start with the second picture, they start the meal with these complimentary Garlic Cheddar bisuits.
They are AMAZING! i would go back just for these! they`re buttery and sweet and hot! they were delicious

Next we have what i picked up from the salad bar, it came with the meal i ordered and i wanted to substitute it for a baked potato but the waitress said it wasn`t allowed.
What i have here on my plate are three different salads
the far left is a potato salad, in the middle is a pasta salad and on the right it`s an apple salad.
They were all awful, the potato skin that was left on the potatoes was gritty like they hadn`t been properly cleaned,
the pasta salad was bland all i could taste was the mayo from the dressing
the apple salad sour and it wasn`t cold
I was so disappointed and sad, i would have much rather had my baked potato.

the next picture is of the dish my mom orders it`s a dockside grilled trio.
It came it grilled salmon (on the left) Shrimp and Spicey grilled Tilapia with a fresh mango salsa.

My mom said that the shrimp was amazing is was cooked perfectly! she only came across one piece that was stringy and over cooked. She didn`t care for the Tilapia she said it was too spicey and the salsa was hot from sitting on the fish and there wasn`t enough of it.
She said she would order the salmon, but she wouldn`t order the Tilapia again.

And now for my dish head back over to the first picture.
I ordered the Cajun Pasta
This came with Chicken, Shrimp and Andouille sausage.
Now i admit i didn`t eat the sausage because i`m not a big sausage eater anyway.
It also consisted of onions and green peppers and spaghetti type pasta with a creamy cajun sauce.
Now the pasta the sauce and the shrimp were amazing! but the chicken and the veggies would awful.
The chicken was super dry and it honestly tasted like microwave meat. The onions were covered in cajun spice and were SO spicey they hurt to eat but the green peppers were super sweet. Neither things in the dish flowed together.
I also ordered a lemonade to drink and it was disgusting it tasted like lemon water with cups of sugar in it.
It was an awful combination everything i had ordered.

Over all my mother and i decided we wouldn`t be going back probably ever.
out of 10 i would give it a 3 and that 3 is all on those garlic cheddar biscuits.

Would i recommend anyone else go and try this?
definitely not, we spent between $30.00 and $40.00 on this meal for both of us. It really wasn`t worth it.

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