Rubble Trouble Moscow

4 years ago

Rubble Trouble Moscow is a free game available to play at Rubble Trouble Moscow was made possible by `nitrome`, a company that uses older graphics to design great games that anyone can play. They have made games such as Skywire 1 and 2. Rubble Trouble Moscow has already given itself a great impression because of this. Also, when you start up the game, you can see a clear menu set up, which is basic but more easy to use. You are a businessman trying to get as much money as you can by destroying buildings. You have to make sure you get the target amount of money on each level. The tools you can use will be at the bottom of the screen, and you will have a certain amount of tools (the sideways `8` meaning infinite). You have to make sure no-one gets hurt (such as workmen) and try not to destroy other buildings, or you will lose the money.

At the start, you are shown a cut scene, which is basically showing the story of how successful you are/want to be. Then after the cutscene, its time to start destruction! As you can see from image 3, the game is pretty serious. I love this game and I would rate it a 9/10. There is a direct link to the game in the source link. If you have played this game, what would you rate it? Please tell me in the comments!

By the way, I might start doing car reviews soon, but I just need you guys to tell me if you would like me to do them, if you want to respond to this, then please tell me in the comments, and I will respond back! You could also just send me a message.

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