Royalty, Seriously people?!

4 years ago

DO people really believe in royalty? Or are they just wrapped in the idea of having at least one family that hasen`t been torn apart throughout the centuries?

The ideas of royalties, monarchies, etc. is absolutely obsurb. People claiming to be Christians are a main supporter of monarchies, isn`t there something or other about false idols? Thats exactly what a monarchy is, a false idol.
I know at this point that is something very hard to change, politically is to go from someone being born into political status and another type of government where education and hardwork makes you eligible for that sort of status.
Think about it, if you live in monarchical society, you are allowing yourself to take care of another family financially and in every other way.
I don`t know about you, but MY family will always come first, before any other family.

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