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3 years ago

It`s been a pretty good weekend so far! I`ve actually been quite productive this weekend with everything ... except my homework hehe! I`ll have to work on it after this post! I`ve gotten some cleaning done, organization, socializing with friends, and did some cleaning on my hamster`s cage! I haven`t been that active when it comes to hanging out with my friends because of all the work I have. Even when I do have time, I tend to lay around doing nothing besides watch TV, look through YouTube, or playing candy crush. It`s hard to get motivation to go out after doing so much work, but I really need to push myself to go out. I realized last night that this is my last year with all my friends before college. We`re all going in different directions after high school so I feel like I really need to make these last months memorable! I want to end high school with no regrets! =)

For my outfit today, I am modeling a lovely dress I received from DressLily! I`ll actually be doing a haul from the store later this week, but I really wanted loved and I had to show it off.
As soon as I saw the color of this dress, I realized that it would look absolutely beautiful against the snow. Despite how cold it looks outside, it wasn`t that bad today temperature wise. The sun was shining down which helped and I wasn`t outside for over 15 minutes! It wasn`t that bad in comparison to the last time I wore a dress in the snow! I felt pretty comfortable outside and the only parts of me that were freezing were my toes and hands hehe. That was expected though, but I honestly didn`t mind!

The dress is a light chiffon material and would be just perfect for spring/summer weather. It`s very lightweight and feels very comfortable. I love the way it flows on my body and the fit of it is perfect! I honestly did not expect the dress to be such nice quality! I think the color of dress is also very pretty. It`s a royal purple color and looks great against my skin tone. (and the snow) I personally feel that this dress could be the perfect attire for Valentines Day! It`s not your typically red or pink dress, but purple I think is still very romantic.

On the site, when I ordered the dress, the description mentioned that the dress comes with a `random` belt. I thought that this was pretty interesting that the belt would be random... I really wanted to know what belt I would get and whether or not I would like it. The belt that they sent me was an adorable white bow belt. The belt is super cute and I love the fact that it stretches. There is a buckle for it and it fits fairly well. The only little thing I don`t like about the belt though is that fact that it keeps sliding down when I wear it. I would prefer it actually if the belt would sit on that little line on the dress, but to be honest where the line is, my waist isn`t really there.. so I guess this is not an issue with the belt, but rather the dress on my particular body.
When my sister tried on the dress, the fit was perfect! It honestly looked like it was made for her!
For my accessories, I chose to wear a matching bow ring and a silver beaded bracelet. I got the bow ring a while back and the bracelet I got a long time ago. I actually remember getting the bracelet during a book fair we had when I was in elementary school. The bracelet came as a gift when you brought a book hehe. Nevertheless, I really love the bracelet and I feel like it doesn`t look childish at all. It fits well and is really pretty.

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