Royal Icing Cookies

4 years ago

This is my 2nd time making royal icing cookies. I was originally planning all of these baked goods that i wanted to make for valentines day, like red velvet cupcakes, royal icing cookies, and fortune cookies. Unfortunately I got really sick, and so when valentines day came around i was out of commission. These I made the day after valentines day, because of course as soon as the holiday passed we (my boyfriend was sick with me) started feeling a bit better. I couldnt wait i was so excited to try out some designs, the product wasokay; the cookies were good, just not exactly how i had imagined them.

I liked how they tasted, and they looked good but it was just an experience. This is only my second time making royal icing, and im still working on figuring out its quirks, and i certainly still need a lot of practice. From my first experience with royal icing i learned the need to be super organized with my icing bags (there are so many!), i also went out and purchased two more number two piping tips, so that i could have more than one color of liner (turns out i still need one or two more to really have enough for all of my piping bags). My first batch of white flooding icing was of good consistency though when i ran out and had to make another batch of it i made it a bit too runny.

I also found this design for making little owls and i thought it was so cute that i just had to try it out, they didnt come out perfect. One this was after i made my cookies and i was getting kinda tired, and also distracted by this point in time, and so i was really only making them to practice not really for use, as a result they are pretty sloppy. I have also come to the conclusion that i like making the whites of the eyes with white liner vs white flooding icing makes the shape come out nicer, though that took a loot more strain on my hands. I swear by the end of the night i was going to get carpal tunnel in my right hand from all the pressure i was putting on the icing bag. It was a lot better than the first time i made royal icing though, something i got to train my hands to get used to i guess.

Pitty i didnt really get to share these cookies with anyone as i was really only baking them for fun. Anyway overall a good experience, im looking forward to making royal icing again. Im thinking of decorating my cupcakes with little icing figures next time. They are so cute!

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