Rottweiler Givenchy top lt3

Hello guys !

I don`t know how about you but i am huuuge fan of Givenchy. The have very very unique clothes with some awesome prints. You probably recognize most of them. But i saw this top and i was like - give it to me !!! It`s simple, black top with rottweiler but it is so cool ! Don`t you think ? Lots of celebrities were wearing that top. I know i know that this is male top but it`s like with Louis Vuitton bags from my previous post. I don`t have problem with wearing male clothes it`s ok in my opinion. So i was looking were i could buy this top but it was sold out literally everywhere in the internet :-( it was old collection from 2011 they also made a knitwear with this cute dog. I was also looking on ebay but i didn`t want to buy fake Givenchy. I was kega happy when i saw new collection of Givenchy. They made almost identical tops for this season ! And also available for women. So sounds perfect for me ! It costs 920 zl so it is really lots of money but i think that this is my new "must have" thing. It`s so so stylish and i have already seen lots of people wearing this top. So if you love it just like me check you Givenchy store and online stores. But be careful and buy quick ! If you like you could also buy bag with this logo, iphone case, blackberry case and much much more accesories ! This is really crazy but i am not suprised that this tottweiler became that famous. It`s just mega awesome. Now you could buy it in female version, male, like a tank top, normal top, jumper, hoodie,
What do you think ?

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