Ross Haul #2

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers!!

I went to ross a few days ago hoping to find another pair of heels and purse, but no luck. Well, I did find this cute pair of nude heels but it was half a size too big. Bummers.. And I couldn`t find a purse that called my name so I decided to go check out the clothing section to see if I could find this jacket I saw there a while back. Nope, but I did find something better. I actually needed a new winter coat cause my other winter coats were white in color and they were stained kinda pretty bad and it just wouldn`t come out in the wash. So I went looking not hoping to find anything, but I sure did find a gem. I found this coat here you see in the pictures and I`ve wanted one for a long time but the ones I`ve seen has been $40 or over. And of course those contain more wool than this one but I didn`t care cause that means I could wash it and not have to take it to the dry cleaners. So I got this jacket for $19.99 and it`s by this brand called PAPER DOLL. lol.I know it kinda looks wrinkly right now cause I just had it stuffed in a bag..I need to let it sit out a bit to straighten out. Okay, I tried it on in the fitting room and fell in love with it right away. It`s really form fitting. The sleeves are a bit too long for me but I didn`t really care, even better I think cause it`ll keep my hands warm and I think I could`ve gotten a size smaller but that was the last one. Anyways, the coat is really form fitting. As you can see there is this thing, strap, in the back of the coat, dunno what it`s called and I guess that helps with the fit. Cause when I had it on, it was narrow on the waist and then it starts to flare out a bit from the waist down. It doesn`t go straight down like some other coats. I just wish they had it in another color too cause I probably would`ve bought it too. Even the cashier that rung me up told me she just bought one too the other day. I was like, really, cool. And she explained to me how she saw one at a department store with a similar style but 3 times as much. I guess we were both pretty lucky. And before I even found the coat I was looking at their jewelry section and found some cute earrings. I think the second pair of earrings is gonna be cute when I put it in my cartilage piercing. So yup, this is what I found at Ross again, and I think I might go back next week..heheheh

***pics belong to me***

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