Roses are Red, violets are blue. I Dislike Instagram. How about you?

Ive never understood why people use Instagram. Everyday my Facebook Newsfeed is littered with Instagram photos. I dont see why my friends and others feel the constant need to take and post photos of their Starbucks orders, every sunrise/sunset, whatever food they are about to consume, or whatever useless things they feel the need to take photos of. I wouldnt mind so much if the photos were actually interesting. The different filters you use each time you take a picture of that Starbucks cup, is not what makes it interesting. Sure some might argue that the filters give a nice vintage look or whatever (make it look like you left the picture in the sun for an hour), but I think it cheapens the photo (if the photo is actually worthwhile).
Personally, I think photos that are taken as they way they are, are the best kind of photos. I dont want my photographic memories to be tainted with sepia tone filters or some blurry-high-color-nonsense. If I want my photos to lose their color, its going to happen naturally with time and authenticity. The photo I took yesterday is going to look like its from yesterday. Not from 20 years ago. Overall I think Instagram ruins photos rather than enhances them. Furthermore, those who post their Instagram photos hourly are trying to convince others that my life is so exciting! or look how much fun Im having! If youre going to post a photo ask yourself: 1. Is this something Ive already posted before? 2. (I consider this the most important) Is this necessary??? And 3. Did I use a stupid filter?
But I have to say, I like instagram for ONLY one thing. And that is Hipster Edits. Hipster Edits take the moronic photos of instagram with hipster quotes (absolutely nonsensical things like I cant live without you followed by a random photo of a train) , and convert it to hilarious photos to illustrate just how ridiculous intasgram is by adding words from reality. So thank you Instagram. Thank you for allowing your existence to demonstrate just how ridiculous and humorous you truly are. For you entertainment :
*Photo from Google Images and free of sepia tone filters and other nonsense*

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