Rosebud strawberry lip balm v. Nivea lip butter

on a recent trip to sephora, I picked up two of the smith`s rosebud lip balms because everyone raves about them and hell, I just had to try them. I got the original rosebud salve and the strawberry lip balm. I also had picked up two of the new nivea lip butter tins because omg they`re so cute and the scents sounded amazing. anyways, I thought I`d compare them a little

for the purpose of this post, I went with the strawberry one because it actually says it`s a lip balm and the caramel cream kiss because it smells amazing lol the rosebud is $7 for 0.8oz whereas you can find the nivea ones for about $3-4 and sometimes on sale and those are 0.59oz

first off - ingredients. rosebud has 5 ingredients, that`s it, 5 !!!! I think the worst one there is the strawberry perfume but I totally love it, I like the scent a lot. nivea on the other hand, it has what, 13 ? yeah I don`t know about that. doesn`t seem like it`s that great or "natural" on the lips does it?

as far as size is concerned, they`re basically the same size BUT the rosebud is deeper/ticker which is why it has more product. when it comes to texture, the rosebud is softer and more emoliant, the nivea feels a little thicker, neither is sticky, at first they both feel good on the lips

now I normally wear lip balm over night or on days when my lips are rough, not like an every day kind of thing. that being said, when I wake up in the morning after using the rosebud my lips feel soft and I can even still feel a little bit of the balm on them. when I use the nivea one, it feels like it just sits on the surface so when I wake up, it`s essentially gone and my lips are pretty much normal. I tend to use that one more during the day when I can keep on reapplying. that`s how I get the best results.

so I suppose it comes down to preference and what works best for you. I happen to like them both for various reasons. I like the rosebud one to use over night (the strawberry at the moment, the original rose maybe later) and I like the nivea ones to use during the day. I like the variety the nivea offers - I have raspberry rose kiss, caramel cream kiss and a friend got me vanilla & macadamia kiss. oh they smell soooo yummy, love them ! but yeah, if you don`t mind paying the $7 I`d totally splurge, otherwise, the nivea is pretty good second best.

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