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4 years ago

I remembered to look for things that reminded me of my childhood, when I lived in Spain, and one of them is undoubtedly the Mexican soap opera ...

Oh - my - God!!

What I was thrilled and cried to my mom ... tapes that I recorded and regravava to see again and cry some more ... I lived it not 100%, but I think a 200 or 300%.
It was madness! I remember perfectly that once came home from school, was the first thing I did, get off the bus running up to the house, hoping that even if there had not started was super upset.

Dare I even say that the Mexican telenovelas are the best ever!
It is rather that they were passions, marriages, betrayals, goodness and evil seriously, where the good were always together in the end! Normally there if they could, in the midst of so much confusion, married in the last episode Ahah.
And I guarantee that in my day to day, so watch the Mexican telenovela unintentionally ...

And yes, I managed to find!! These songs really introduction stir me.
Remind me of an innocence and naivety on my part completely pure, how is it possible?
I can feel just like me when I hear these songs.

There was a soap opera that struck me particularly because it was led by my favorite singer at the time. What I screamed that house ... and sing, sing like there`s no tomorrow! lol
Pity those who heard me ... yes, my parents! That in 1997, I had ... 6/7 years.

This woman inspired me, made me mad, and put me to sing and dance like a crazy!

Thalía`s her name:)

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