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6 years ago

Hello guys :)

Today I want to talk to you about my home country, Romania. I know that a lot of people has a wrong impression about Romania, because of gipsies and Ceausescu and so on. And I don`t like that at all. I feel that this thing must be changed, since Romanians are so nice and kind and the country has a lot to offer and a ton of pitoresque places that deserve to be seen at least once in a lifetime.
Another important thing I really want to mention is that gipsies ARE NOT ROMANIAN, it is true that they live here mostly, but they speak their OWN language and us Romanians also have a lot of trouble because of them and the Government is trying to eliminate this.

Firstly, when you think of Romania, you may think of Dracula. "Dracula" is a Romanian legend that happened in the Western part, called Transylvania. There used to live a Voievode called Vlad Tepes, who has become famous for his wierd way of punishing bad people: by pulling them through a big sword. This is the point where the legend of Dracula started from. And then comes the novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker and so much popularity...

Another thing you may not know about Romania is the fact that in the center of the capital, Bucharest, lies the SECOND BIGGEST BUILDING in the WORLD! Yep, that`s right. The Palace of the Parliament is known to be the second biggest in the world, following the American Pentagon.

Then, you may not know that Romania is the place where the Danube Delta is. It is considered to be included in the Wonders of the World chart, because of its incredible wild and beautiful character, and also because of the animals that only live here and nowhere else in the world :) read here if you want to find out more :)

Then, Aurel Vlaicu, a Romanian Engineer, is the first man ever who manage to fly with a craft airplane. Read more here .

And these are only some things about this beautiful country that needs to be more known in the world because of its incredible aspcts. Please comment and tell me if you want to know more about Romania and I will post more detailed articles.


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