Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - Candy Apples!

5 years ago

I absolutely love Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory candy apples. They come in so many flavours and designs from the classic plain candy apple to the more ornate Happy Birthday apple complete with waffle cone birthday hat. I have a tradition of buying them on Fridays after work as a weekend treat.

One thing I will mention is that these apples are not appropriate if you have weak teeth. Especially with the candy apple, the hard candy coating is really difficult to bite through. Although, when you are eating an apple that is coated with so much sugar, it will get very hard to taste the apple`s natural flavour. Since your mouth will be so saturated with sugar or chocolate, the apple`s own flavour will pretty much be impossible to taste. That said, if the apple is fresh, you will still get the crunchy feeling. These candy apples also come with their skins still on.

I usually take the apples home to eat after dinner so I leave them in tact, but the store will cut the apple for you if you want them to. This is a really handy service which makes it a lot easier to eat, especially if you don`t have the strongest bite.

The simplest apple costs $3.99 but there are really expensive ones that go up to $11.99 (the birthday one). Besides being a fun treat for yourself, they would also be a nice whimsical addition to a birthday gift or a treat for a child -- something different from an ice cream cone!

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