ROCKSTAR Perfect Berry Energy Drink

5 years ago

This is my favorite energy drink out there and I stumbled upon it by mistake or rather my coworker at the time did. He was taking a run to the convenience store and asked if I wanted anything. I gave him a few bucks and asked him to pick me up a sugar free Rockstar. When he went there they didnt have the sugar free one I was looking for (its in a white can) so he came back with this because he said it said it was zero calories. I tried it and its FANTASTIC! It reminds me of the old school Tab energy drinks that I used to enjoy (they were pink carbonated energy drinks and I loved them because they were tasty AND pink)! The drink itself comes in a sleek, pink can with the signature Rockstar logo on it. And the cutest part? It has a little straw stuck to the side (think a Capri Sun or a juice box) of the can for use while drinking. The taste is quite refreshing; its a carbonated berry flavor which is pleasing on the palette, its sugar free and has no caloric content to it. I find a lot of energy drinks are bitter when drinking them, but this one isnt so. It does give me a boost of energy, but not like the white canned Rockstar which leaves me jittery at times. I do find they are not sold everywhere there is one local grocery store that stocks and sells them and I do find them at an occasional convenience store. At convenience stores these can be around $3, but at grocery stores I think theyre $1.50-$1.99.

Have you tried this particular energy drink?
What is your favorite energy drink on the market?

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