Rockstar Juiced Pomegranate Energy Drink

5 years ago

I woke up this morning feeling pretty groggy, and knew I needed something to get me going, as I have to work this afternoon. My boyfriend was going to the corner store, so I asked him to get me some Rockstar energy drinks. I asked him for the pink one or the "Burner" variety (no idea what flavours those actually are!) as they`re sugar-free, but he got me this "Juiced" variety instead. I like pomegranate, so I didn`t mind TOO much, lol.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the first four ingredients of this drink are water and three different juices! There are pomegranate, pear, and apple juices, so it`s not entirely a pomegranate drink. Indeed, the drink claims to be 50% juice, which isn`t bad, especially considering there isn`t any added sugar (except for a bit of sucralose - which is a sugar-free sweetener, I think).

After having drank this, I do feel a bit more alert and perky. I`m definitely in better shape than I was this morning! But I`m going to have to drink some water to make up for all the caffeine that`s in this drink.

In any case, I`m going to try to NOT make energy drinks a habit, because they will mess you up if you use them too often, lol!

<strong>What do you do when you need an energy boost? Do you drink energy drinks?</strong>

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