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5 years ago

For years I had always had my own nails wrapped in acrylic, and professionally done. A little over a year ago I decided to just go natural. The thought 1st came about when I joined Luuux. I would see so many pretty nail do`s, but I would have to wait the 2 weeks to go back and get them redone. It was pretty upsetting especially when I started buying polish.

After going natural I absolutely love painting my own nails. Even then in the beginning I didn`t know about base coats, top coats, dry drops etc. I thought chipping was normal until I saw how almost everyone used a top coat. So I gave in. I tried many. Maybelline`s, Sally Hansen`s, Sinful Colors, Out the Door, Seche Vite. Even Orly`s No Chip top coat. Thats exactly what its called. The very next day, no more than 12 hours I had a chip. I hadn`t done much. No cleaning. No dishes. I returned it immediately. I was not about to $11 just sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Don`t get me wrong, there are some that are good. Seche Vite and out the door lasts me about 2-3 days. However Seche Vite pulls from the cuticles. Once its dried it always looks as thought I place the top coat a few notches futher down than the polish. I hope that makes sense.

After returning Orly`s No Chip, I again asked on of the reps (I was at Ulta) if she knew of a great top coat that helps with chipping. She told me she used one called Rock, which she finds a Sally`s. Off I went. I was a bit skeptical since I had never heard of it. Not even here. It cost $8 which I thought was a decent price, and coiuldn`t wait to test it.

Rock top coat claims to be 5x harder than any top coat. My friend and I both painted our nails, and both used it. I have never been happier with a top coat. My manicure lasted 6 full days with no chips. My friends lasted a week and a half! I want to add that I have done nothing else differently. I use the same base. Wash dishes, am rough with my hands, etc. This is the longest I have been able to keep a polish on my hands without having them professionally done. The top coat does not have an overbearing scent, nor is too thick. I does however keep my polish looking fresh and shiny. I thought for sure it would be super thick since its supposed to be so much stronger, but its the same consistency as most top coats.

I would highly recommend this top coat. I`m not saying get rid of the ones you currently have, but certainly give this a try. Especially if your manicures do not last long.

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