Robotech: Invasion

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Here comes another game review coming your way people! This one is called Robotech: Invasion. Released in 2004 for the PS2 and X-Box, this game takes place during the 3rd Robotech war, and has you taking the role of two Cyclone Battle cycle pilots, Locke and Tasha. As Locke you join up with a squad of Cyclone pilots on the edges of what`s left of human civilization as they fight off the Invid and rogue bandits in no mans` land all the while striving to remember who you is and try and recover your missing memories. As Tasha, a recon scout, You land on earth with the mission to investigate a new breed of Invid soldier that looks and acts just like a human does. (although her reasons for doing this has more to do with searching for her missing husband) However your mission is thrown out the window as you get swept up in the battles against the Invid. Eventually these two characters` stories meet up and you can Chose 1 of 3 routes to go to end the game.... but i`m not going to spoil that to you all. You`ll just have to play the game yourself to see what happens.

The game play`s controls are very well thought out for both the PS2 and X-Box versions. They did a much better job this time than with Battlecry. I didn`t have any finger or hand cramps for fatigue. As for its graphics the game designers threw out the old tooncell from Battlecry and made a more grittier and darker 3D world. Sounds were again taken directly from the series itself, however this time the soundtrack was completely unique to the game and not from the anime series. Once again, just like with Battlecry, the voice actors from the original English dub reprized their roles for the game and even did a few new characters. This helped alot to give a little more of a real feeling to the game instead of its cartoonish feel from Battlecry, and in my opinion it did wonders. Despite all this improvements, critics of the game didn`t think it was much good and gave the game really poor reviews. I COMPLETELY disagree. I thought the new look to the game made the game even better. The only real problem I found in the game is the storyline can get very confusing at times. Especially the part where you can choose one of three endings to the game itself. Despite this story flaw I found the game to be much better to Battlecry. With superior controls, a much deeper story, excellent graphics and sounds and immersive game play, this game has kept me entertained for hours on end. Sadly there was no Game Cube version of the game, and this was the last Robotech game for any console.

All in all I really liked this game despite all the critics complaints which I found to be ridiculous. This game isn`t for everyone though and is more for the true Robotech fans. If you`re a Robotech fan then I do highly recommend this game.

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