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Here comes more game reviews by me! This one is called Robotech: Battlecry. Released in 2002 in North America and 2003 in Europe respectively, you play as the protagonist Veritech pilot Jack Archer as you defend what`s left of Earth from the forces of Khyron and his evil minion warlord Zeraal and their uprising armed forces who want to capture Earth and revive the Zentrade war machine. In the game you pilot a Veritech fighter as the leader of Wolf Squadron as you fly around a defend small human settlements and the remnants of human civilization. The game was released for all 3 systems at the time. The Game Cube, PS2, and the X-Box.

The game play`s controls varied from console to console. I have tried all 3 and can say that the Game Cube`s layout is the best of the 3. The command layouts for the buttons are very user friendly and are very easy on the fingers and hands. However for the PS2 and X-Box versions the controls are not well thought out or forgiving. More than once I suffered cramps and bad fatigue in my fingers and hands and couldn`t play it for more than 30 minutes before having to stop and rest my hands. Graphics to the game are done in tooncell format, meaning all the models and landscapes are done in very bright colors with "ink" outlines, making look as though your actually in the middle of the anime series itself. (similar to that of Zelda Windwaker) At times this worked perfectly for the combat and animatic scenes. However more times than 1 it gets quite annoying and really ruins the whole feel of the level your in. Sounds and the soundtrack come directly from the series so it actually does make you feel that your right in the middle of the action in the anime series itself. The voice dialogue was great and saw the return of many of the English actors form the anime series itself reprising their roles and even doing a couple of new ones. So fans of the original series will get a thrill from that. Sadly this game does suffer form a couple of glitches. The PS2`s version most notably. It has a habit of skipping ahead with the voice overs and loading only half a level and freezing, and this is with a bread new disk 3 times. After looking online I saw that this was a common problem for the PS2 version of the disk. The X-Box and Game Cube versions did not have this problem however. Another downside to the game is its almost uninteresting story line. Although it does add a new perspective to the 1st Robotech war, the slow pace and rather boring characters seems to almost ruin the game. In fact the main bad guy that you`re fighting against doesn`t even show up until the last level. Despite all the down sides, if you play the Game Cube version, you should enjoy this game alot.

All is all it`s a good game in my opinion. And even though it suffers some setbacks, If you are a Robotech fan you should enjoy this game. This game is best played on the GameCube however; it`s basically the most player friendly. I do recommend it.

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