Robot Operated Restaurant.. Hello Robot World!

Since technology is advancing so quickly, I feel that robots will run our world one day and it`s a start in China. There is now a robot controlled restaurant in Harbin, China. It`s not completely robot-ified but it`s a start. There are a total of 18 robots working around the restaurant doing job duties such as: greeting customers, seating guests to tables, chefs, sing and so forth. The robots were all designed and created by Harbin Haohai Robot Company. These robots have sensors so you will never bump into a robot (which is pretty brilliant) some robots specialize in noodles, dumplings, etc. Each robot is about $31,500 to $47,000 and dishes at the restaurant vary from $6 to $10, not bad considering how this would be a really cool experience to dine at.

Random information:
- The robots can work 5 hours straight controlled by human staff in the computer room. The robots have to be charged for 2 hours at least
- The robots can speak simple Chinese and can make 18 different emotions

Overall: It would be a pretty cool experience but hopefully robots don`t take over soon or else there won`t be jobs anymore. =(

<strong>Would you want to dine at a robot controlled restaurant? If you could design your own robot, what would you want your robot to be able to do?</strong>

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