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2 years ago

So Roasting Water is this small Boba/Bubble Tea place near my house . And it`s not bad . I feel as though it`s the same as any other boba place . But however this place is good for their lemonades ! This Boba Place are popular and known for not only their colored boba that is always changing . But for their lemonades . They have down to earth some of the best lemonades out there . And lemonade is my all time favorite ! This time I ordered an Almond Milk Tea with Boba & a Strawberry Lemonade with basil Seeds . The Strawberry Lemonade was a major plus and I rated it a 8/10 . And that`s pretty good because I can be picky at times . However, the Almond milk tea was a 3/10 . I did not like it what so ever . It tasted like medicine ! The boba itself was fine and chewy it tasted great . But the drink was a major major miss for me . I just did not like it . I recommend this place I do ! But ask first to see what their most popular or what they recommend first ! :)


What is your favorite Boba/Bubble Tea Place ?
What is your favorite Boba/Bubble Tea ?

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