Roast Beef quotPizzaquot

4 years ago

This is a dinner I experimented with last week. I had some extra pita breads and my boyfriend and I had enough leftovers (chicken fajita filling) for one meal so we decided to split the meal and make this to split as well. I took the pita bread and I took some roast beef BBQ sauce (hot roast beef sandwiches are a big thing where I live so there`s one company that sells roast beef sauce that all roast beef joints use on hot roast beef sandwiches) and mixed it with brown mustard and some horseradish. When combined I used this as my "sauce" and layered it onto the bread. I then topped it with some deli roast beef which was thinly sliced. I put some fat free mozzarella on my half. I placed the pizza in the oven and let it bake for roughly 8-10 minutes. When done, I took it out, cut it into pieces and topped with some diced tomatoes. It was sooo yummy!! The sauce was incredibly spicy, just how I like it and the bread was crisp and the meat was warmed thru. I enjoy roast beef but I cannot for the life of me eat it cold. I swear I can smell the "rawness" of it and it just makes me queezy. Then again I don`t eat any meat that isn`t "dead" and by dead I mean dead, buried and just about well done. But that`s just me.

Do you like to throw things together to experiment in the kitchen?

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