Roanoke River Lighthouse North Carolina

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1st picture is the original lighthouse and is from the Source link below. 2nd Picture is the replica from

Next on my tour of must see buildings of North Carolina is the Roanoke River Lighthouse. Or rather BOTH of them. Yes there`s actually two but they are the same. The one from the 1st picture is the original lighthouse that was saved from demolition and the one form the 2nd picture is the reproduction. The original lighthouse is the only screw-pile lighthouse still existing on the North Carolina coast today. It is currently going through a complete restoration and is closed to the public, although you are allowed to watch it being restored form a distance or via online with daily picture updates (although the restoration work is nearing completion). The Replica sits near where the original use to stand and is an exact replica of that the original use to look like in its hey day. The original was damaged by ice flows during the early 20th century and part of it collapsed, it was remolded to me a smaller lighthouse afterward, which is why the 2 lighthouses look different. The replica serves as a museum and visitor`s center and is open to the public year round. As for the original, when restoration work is complete, will serve as its own museum and the public will be allowed to tour the entire building. As the only remaining screw-pile lighthouse existing on the North Carolina Coast the Roanoke River Lighthouse is a very valuable piece of North Carolina and lighthouse history. So it`s a great place to come and visit a unique type of lighthouse different from the usual tower lighthouses you see. The original lighthouse is now located in Edenton, North Carolina where it is receiving it`s restoration work.

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