Rise of the Independent Coffee Shops

4 years ago

So who doesn`t love a hot drink on a cold day, now that the weather`s on the turn? I, for one, love to sit huddled up in a coffee shop with a hot chocolate, reading a book. (Currently, Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.. AWSOME BOOK.)
What I`ve noticed, though, is that when I ask a friend if they want to go and grab a hot drink, most of them will answer "Sure. Starbucks or Costa?"
Now I live in a quite a big town, we have a fair few shops. And admittedly, Starbucks and Costa are quite central.
But have you noticed JUST HOW EXPENSIVE the drinks there are? Like, honestly? They ain`t cheap. And I fully accept that if the only thing you can drink is a super-skinny americano latte with three different kinds of syrups, Starbucks is PROBABLY the best bet. And although I think these people are just being ridiculous, I fully accept that.

What I DONT understand it those that drink normal tea or coffee, nothing too special. And are willing to pay what, like £3 for it? From what I`ve heard, their tea isn`t even that good!

So instad, I propose something to you Next time you want a caffeine fix, don`t head straight to the huge massive chain coffee shop, look around a bit.
FOr example,w ere I live, literally half a minutes walk from the chain coffee shops is a tiny little coffee shop called Urban Ground. They make THE NICEST stuff, honestly, it`s amazing. THey use expensive teabags, and employ the most charming people, with THE tastiest cake, like EVER. Not even kidding.
This shop even does some of the fancier stuff!
And whilst the stuff here isn`t ALOT cheaper than chain-hipster-coffee, it`s probably, what, like 50p cheaper?
So at, say, two drinks a week for a year, that`s a whole £52 cheaper! Which is ALOT of money!

So I say, abandon your fancy chain coffee houses and look JUST a bit further, and you MIGHT just find somewhere REALLY nice.

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