Rimmel Provocalips Review Swatches (Little Minx Skinny Dipping)

Hi there gorgeous! After I`ve heard a lot of people on the Internet rave about Rimmel London`s Provocalips I decided that it`s about time to try them myself too - it doesn`t hurt to have a long lasting lipstick in your collection, does it?
So a few weeks back I went to Savers and I bought two of their `Kiss proof lip colour`s. I got the shades 310 Little Minx (beautiful bold pink) and 700 skinny dipping (nude) as these are two of the colors that I tend to reach for the most on a daily basis.

If you`d like to find out what I think out about them, then please keep on reading :)

I have to admit that I was very intrigued when I heard people saying that they are transfer proof and last for countless hours on the lips. I didn`t really believe that, to be honest I`m still impressed! - yes, I am new to liquid lipsticks with long wear formulas, don`t judge me :).

As far as the price goes, I am pretty sure these retail for £6.99, but Savers usually have this deal where you pay under £5 on all Rimmel products. I usually love Rimmel`s face products, and since everybody talks about these lipsticks it was pretty much about time that I get a couple of them myself. They have 8 available shades, but not all of them suit my taste... besides, I wanted to try them first before splurging :).

So let`s see what they say about this product... vs what I think :)

`Kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof high impact endless colour`
Agreed on the kissing part...somehow. While I kissed the back of my hand and nothing came off, if you are the type of person that likes to french kiss a lot... it will wear off (not sure how soon... as I only did that after I had this on my lips after 10+ hours already though:) ). Sometimes, a few minutes after I apply it, little tiny dots will transfer on my cigarette, but I think that is beacause I might miss a spot or two when I apply the `top coat`. Other than that, it lasts surprisingly even if I eat greasy food. I did tap my lips with the napkin rather than wipe them after finishing my meals, mainly because I wanted to see how the color lasts throughout the day, and I understood what they mean by `endless colour`: even though the shiny/glossyness you get from applying the top coat dissapears after a few hours, the color is as bold after about 13-14 hours as when you first applied it. Even on the inner parts of the lip. Big thumbs up!

`No tight feeling or dry lips. Lips feel smooth and moisturized all day long.`
That... yes and no. My lips most certainly don`t feel moisturized as if they would if let`s say I applied a lip balm or something. That would have been too good to be true. Smooth? Yes. Dry?... Well that depends. Usually, yeah, a little bit. Not something extreme or uncomfortable, they won`t look chapped or anything, but they do get dry and they don`t look pumped or super full after a while. No tight feeling? Agreed, but they feel a little bit tacky, as if you`ve been wearing a lip gloss. However, keep in mind that you do need to apply the `top coat`. Using only the lip color alone will make your lips dry as hell! After you apply the fix&seal part your lips will feel much better, and will look nice and glossy - the glossyness fades away after a while, but the color stays on amazingly :). And they are comfortable to wear throughout the day.

`Easy removal with oil based makeup remover`
I don`t have an oil based makeup remover... I remember hearing people it was a little bit of a struggle to remove the color from their lips, but for me it was somewhere inbetween. With a makeup removing wipe, I did have to rub a little bit harder & insist more in order to remove the color. However, if I happened to keep applying a lip balm on top of Provocalips (my lips get very dry at work because it`s freezing cold, I need my lip balm lol) I found it way easier to remove... a few swipes and everything was gone. Also, using a damped tooth brush seemed to work fine too.

About each shade

310 Little Minx (excuse the not so good application/swatch, lol)
I love this color. Very opaque. I find it bold but wearable at the same time and it works with most of my eye makeup looks - both natural or more dramatic. I`ve been reaching out for it quite a bit, and I will keep on using it. Love love love! I also believe that it would look good on different kind of skin tones, at least on mine it looks amazing! :)

700 Skinny Dipping (lip colour only, left; with the fix & seal, right)
While this is a pretty color too and opaque as well, I feel like how it looks on you really depends on your makeup and on your skin tone. I wore this at work with minimal makeup (foundation,powder and mascara) and I did look a little dead... However paired with a bolder makeup look I find it to be really flattering. About the skin tone... I am light, not extremly fair but not tanned either - I feel like such a nude color would be easier to pull off for these with a darker skin tone rather than fair girls.

Let`s see what else...
The size: you get 7ml of product (4ml for the lip color, and 3ml for the seal). I think I would have liked it better if they put more `top coat`. I find that I use more of than in order to make sure my lip color stays in place all day... I wouldn`t want the color to fade in certain areas and be super bright in other spots, lol.
Packaging... nice and cute - I like the kisses on it, haha.
The pigmentation of the lipstick is true to color to what you see on the packaging :)
`Doe-foot` (basic lipgloss) applicator, easy to work with and get into the smaller areas of your lips (inner corners, cupid`s bow).
Scented? The colour itself doesn`t seem to have any fragrance, but the `top coat` has a bare scent.. kind of smells like cosmetics, nothing too overwhelming or bothering though.
Longest I`ve worn these for? 15-16 hours for Skinny Dipping, the color was still the same as when I first applied, but in the inner part of my lip my natural color was starting to poke through (kept applying a lip balm on top of it). And about 14-15 hours for Little Minx, didn`t apply anything else on top and it was still in place :)

Would I recommend these? Yes, I am really surprised with them and totally in love with Little Minx! However, if you have very dry lips, I suggest doing some research before or at least trying to moisturize your lips before using one of these.
Would I repurchase? Uhm... I`m not sure about Skinny Dipping, but I am pretty sure I might end up getting the other one again when I run out of it. It`s become one of my favorite lip colors! And I want to try a couple more shades that they have available :)

I think that`s all for now. Totally let me know if you have any questions.
I`d also like to hear if you tried these out and what did you think about them :)

Thank you for stopping by!

This is not a sponsored post. I bought these items myself, the opinions are my own and I am not paid to feature these products on my blog.

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