Rihanna Nearly Nude

Rihanna is running dangerously low on shock antics. This week, the Barbados-born Battleship star hit the streets of Sydney in a fantastic pair of shoes, a luxe trenchcoat, and... lipstick. Yep.

A cursory Internet search reveals that Rihanna has worn much more scandalous ensembles on the streets before, but there`s something extra naughty about this particular look; It`s certainly more suggestive than a sheer nipple-baring shirt or a pair of gemstone-encrusted panties.

While we`re all for pop star theatricality, Rihanna`s getup must have looked awfully out of place at the restaurant, where she and pals celebrated the singer`s best friend`s birthday. And let`s hope the place wasn`t too warm for the singer, lest she risk a public indecency arrest. But yes: she certainly grabbed our attention. Expect Kim Kardashian to wear the fur equivalent to Kanye West`s house in 3, 2...

Source link: http://www.stylebistro.com/Daily+Dish/articles/BfXurc1CBYK/Rihanna+May+Dined+Nearly+Nude+Week

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