Rihanna-How She Stays Fit+5 Factor Diet

5 years ago

Rihanna is a successful popstar with tons of tours and records on her resume and so she tries to keep fit and healthy, just like all of us, but especially because of the demanding physical needs her job/tour requires.
So you might be wondering what she does to keep fit. She actually has a very traditional ( on correct) attitude towards fitness and does the typical diet+exercise combination. However, she does follow a specific plan called "The 5 Factor Diet".

The 5 Factor Diet is a diet and exercise program created by Harley Pasternak, a celeb fitness trainer, and that consists of 5 small meals a day with controlled calories with 5 main ingredients that take 5 minutes to prepared with 5 different moves for 25 minute workouts. So, as you can see, its all in 5 lol
There is actually a book about this diet that allows everybody to follow this plan and its not bad but its just a calorie controlled diet and exercise, still, worth the read and try because at least its healthy, unlike other diet plans.

So, besides performing on her tour which i believe its exhausting physically, she follows her diet plan and workout exercises from the 5 factor diet, but with the tour making the workouts is difficult and even the actual diet according to Rihanna herself.

She does say that with the tour she keeps losing weight even though she doesnt want to, so that just gives the idea of how demanding the tour can be but when she off the tour and doing regular work she is all for the 5 factor diet.

<strong>Did you know about the 5 factor diet? Have you followed any plan like this from a book?
Are you a fan of Rihanna?</strong>

(picture from the source - I hope there is not a problem with being it a bikini pic lol i know sometimes people have some issues with pics similar to this but i personally don`t see nothing wrong with a bikini pic)

Source link: http://fitperez.com/2012-01-17-rihanna-ab-workout#.T3Mg-ey70mQ

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