Rihanna disses Chris Brown`s gf

5 years ago

One of my guilty pleasures are tabloid magazines. Every week I go out and buy the same 2 (Life & Style, & US) , to see whats new with the rich and famous.

In this weeks US I read an article containing jabs between Rihanna and Chris Brown`s live in girlfriend Karrueche Tran. As you all know Rhi collaborated with her volatile ex on 2 singles. This of course did not sit well with Brown`s gf. To add fuel to the fire Rhi on March 3rd, tweeted a picture of rice cakes, gold hoops, and sunglasses, with the caption "Ima make you my bitch." Apparently this was a direct attack on Tran who is Vietnamese.

Not to be left in dust Tran took to her Facebook to say "I`m Angeline (supposed to be Angelina, as in Jolie), you`re Jen. C`mon you see where Brad is at." Burn! Rhi of course had to come back with another when on March 6th she tweeted "I`m a leader, yall on some followin sh!t, comin in dis game on some modeling s--t!" Tran is said to be a model.

While its entertaining to read, I find it quite sad that Rhianna is taking it to this level. Especially over a man who beat and was publicly exposed. Rhianna clearly does not care what has happened between the 2 and is trying to stake claim on Brown. Though the 2 broke up after the assualt came to light, they have been romantically linked in the past year.

With no regard to the world watching Rhianna is set to humiliate not only Tran, but herself in the process.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you lost some sort of respect for Rhianna? Not only for still seeing Chris, but for openly and blatantly attacking his current squeeze?

Image is from the magazine I purchased.

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