Rihanna Chooses Chris Brown after Drake Fight

4 years ago

On June 14, 2012, Chris Brown and Drake got into a heated brawl at W.i.P nightclub over Rihanna. In case you didn`t know, Chris Brown is Rihanna`s ex-boyfriend, but Drake also has feelings for the singer. Regardless of who started the fight, Rihanna has chosen to stand by one man. Yep. That`s right. <strong>Rihanna chose Chris Brown.</strong> She spent the night after the nightclub brawl with Chris Brown at another club. They were together the entire night with Rihanna making sure the nasty gash on his chin would heal all right. And according to an insider, <strong>Rihanna loved all the attention Chris Brown was giving her.</strong>

There is some speculation that the old couple may be getting back together. But who knows? Rihanna seems to have had a busy year so far because she had ties with Ashton Kutcher and Drake. There could be more men for all we know. Maybe they will get back together. The insider also said that <strong>"they have a thing for each other that will never die.</strong> Hmm..... We will see what happens. I thought he was still dating the other girl, but who knows? I mean, why wasn`t she comforting Chris Brown after the fight if they still are?

<strong>Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna will get back together?
Do you want them to get back together?</strong>

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