Rihanna and Robert Pattinson now dating?

4 years ago

<em> Drama, Drama, Drama</em>

With the whole "R-Patz & Kristen Stewart" Breakup fiasco it seems that the paparazzi is up to their scheming tricks again?

Or is it legit this time?!

Well basically, Rihanna has gotten Robert`s phone number through connections. <em> Considering she is famous it`s most likely not that hard for her</em> And has started texting him.

Though there are reports the `texts` are `sexy & funny` and are sent to cheer Robert Pattinson up!

But Rob wasn`t so convinced at first, and thought he was on Punk`d or something. <em> Though that would be a lame punk, but I still understand why he would be confused!</em>

But Rihanna managed to convince him she was for real, but Rob is a little back offish! As I would imagine! Even though they are both celebs does not mean they are friends in the first place!

Now there are lots of rumours that his next girl will be RiRi (Rihanna)

<em> Personally, i hope not. I just don`t feel that would be a good couple material, and I am not judging just on looks, but from interviews I have seen of them. It just would not be a good mix, the thing is Kristen stewart (Even though she annoys me) actually worked with Rob! It`s just that she is a lying piece of work!</em>

<strong> What do you think!? Would they make a good couple? </strong>

<strong> Photo is not mine, source link below, content is</strong>

Source link: http://www.twirlit.com/2012/08/27/rihanna-has-been-sending-robert-pattinson-sexy-texts/

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