Rihanna and Chris Brown : back together?

4 years ago

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A sign of forgiveness, or the beginning of an old love? At the MTV Video Music Awards 2012 Rihanna went directly to her ex Chris Brown, kissed and hugged him. Big Brother is watching, RiRi - cameras are everywhere.
They thought the TV cameras were focused on the stage, while the show continued as RiRi went back to her seat. Beaming with joy, she ran up to her ex. And then the surprise: Instead of a nice smile in passing, there was a kiss and an intimate hug for Chris Brown. Friendship looks kind of different, right?

Just recently Rihanna spoke through tears with talk show host Oprah Winfrey about her ex Chris Brown and his whipping attack of the Grammy night 2009: "I lost my best friend, all I knew has changed overnight and I could not control it. [...] We have again rebuilt confidence and that`s all. We love each other, and probably always will". But love is not always the same as a relationship. Rihanna described the relationship between her and Chris Brown as " very close friends ".

Who really believes this? could you be friends again with somebody who has beaten you up? I could never and I think she is really being a bad role model here!

Source link: http://de.omg.yahoo.com/blogs/star-news/mtv-video-music-awards-2012-rihanna-k%C3%BCsst-ex-075259067.html

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