Riding in Cars with Boys

4 years ago

Directed By Penny Marshall.

Here is a review on Riding in Cars with Boys, starring Drew Barrymore and the late great Britney Murphy to name a few. The movie sets a time when bestfriends Murphy and Barrymore both very wild youths get themselves in a pickle and partied way to hard only to get pregnant at a young age, then, it sets a tone of having very serious moments as well as funny ones too. But really the story is for more of a mature audience due to real life situations. I watched it once but it did make me upset at a few scenes, especially the scene with Barrymore`s character and her son are then put in many scenerios with falling out scene as well as a sentimental one. Hard to put into words but the drama was neverending. There was a memorable part that I think will be set in my mind along with many others the bond between Barrymore and Murphy, it saddens me to watch Murphy and her other films as well, I wish she was still here bringing light to many fans and had made many more films this will definitely bring a tear. Such a good setting and cast. Do check it out and comment, like, below for more on entertainment.

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