Ridiculously High Priced Ike`s Lair Tuna Sandwich

5 years ago

An Ike`s Lair opened up in our area, and for a few weeks the traffic and parking there was ridiculous. The space was just too small, and there were way too many cars. It seemed like everyone was really liking it, so we finally had an opportunity to give it a try.

This is their tuna sandwich, it`s called the Flipper. All of their sandwiches have really unique names, so the menu is fun to look at. <strong>This sandwich has tuna, avocado, mayonnaise, and American cheese.</strong> I really love avocado in my sandwiches and most of their sandwiches have avocado in it.

Overall I thought this sandwich was pretty good, but<strong> not worth the money at all. One sandwich was $9,</strong> and it doesn`t come with anything other than lollipops! The problem was the tuna was canned tuna, if it was fresh tuna, then the price would be justified, but it tasted like any old sandwich I could make at home with some canned tuna from Costco. They didn`t use any special sauces, they pretty much just slapped the ingredients together. I will probably never eat at Ike`s again, and I think a lot of people in my area have the same opinion because the business at Ike`s has slowed down since their grand opening.

<strong>Do you have an Ike`s Lair location in your area? Have you tried their sandwiches before? Do you think it`s worth the $9?


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