Rice cookers: Life savers :P

5 years ago

Hello, A while ago I finally invested in a rice cooker...haha. Being Asian and all it is pretty much expected to have one since we eat rice on a regular basis. The only reason why I didn`t have one was because I never wanted to pay for one I didn`t like. These things are quite costly too. I had a cheap one from Walgreen`s but that wasn`t doing the job, I ended up throwing and burning more rice that way. bummer. lol The one I got is a stainless steel one. I love the sleekness of it. I am not at home right now so I can`t take the picture but I did want to share with you all. I used to make rice the old fashion way. There are lots of different ways to cook rice too. Thanks to technology and creativity, I no longer have to slave over the stove to make rice but I still have too to cook other things. lol Do you have a rice cooker at home? Ever made rice the old fashion way? *pix are not mines* Thanks for reading please comment, rate, and follow <3 Dont forget to enter my /viz/ringing-da-new-year-giveaway

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