Rib Eye Steak amp Lobster Tail Cooked w The Super Wave Oven!

Today was my boyfriend`s opportunity to try out his new /viz/super-wave-oven-sharper-image-haul we bought from Costco the other day! We went grocery shopping at Vons earlier and there was a sale for lobster tails! 4 oz lobster tails for $5, we bought 2 saving over $15, not bad and we also bought a Rib Eye Steak to share so why not cook it with the new oven right? My boyfriend marinated the steak, cleaned the lobster tails and put them on the racks of the oven. (the oven is very spacious there are dual racks and also an extension if you need the oven to be like 3 inches taller!) I`m not sure how long it took to cook since I ran errands with his mom while he was preparing/making the food but he said everything took less than 20 minutes! Plus no mess.. you let it sit on your counter and cook (no stove required which is awesome plus no splattering of oil all over the place). In between cooking-- he had to put in the vegetables (green beans, broccoli and radish). And, no oil used, all super healthy and the juices come out at the bottom which is thee best part! The steak was perfectly cooked, juicy and the lobster tails were delicious! Overall: Our home prepared dinner was less than $20 for two. Not bad considering how we had lobster tails & steak! I wouldn`t have guessed he used the oven making the food too, it`s that good! I can`t wait to try more foods with thos /viz/super-wave-oven-sharper-image-haul! I will be making a through review of the /viz/super-wave-oven-sharper-image-haul in technology section once we get to cook more foods, maybe a month later! *Stay Tuned for that!*
Have you ever heard of the /viz/super-wave-oven-sharper-image-haul? What did you have to eat for dinner tonight? Photos via Mine! Don`t take without permission.

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