Rhoto Eye Drops review

I tend to have a lot of redness in my eyes and oh man, when they start itching I could scratch for hours which is of course, BAAAAD !!! I`ve used Visine and the generic brand drops and you know, they`re fine, just regular eye drops. last night I went to CVS for 3 things and you can believe I walked out with just those 3 things??? I know right? crazy.

well one of those things were eye drops and after I read boxes and compared I decided to get these Rhoto ones. yes, packaging was a big reason why lol as you can see from the box, it does it all, it soothes itchy eyes, irritation, burning feeling, and redness, oh and it`s supposed to have a cooling effect hence the ICE name to it.

holy freaking guacamole !!! yeah, these puppies are intense, like major, I do not recommend putting these drops in your eyes if you`re at at stop light or basically in any situation where you will need your eyes for at least a minute. I`ve only used one drop per eye and oh yes, it does do everything it claims very well but that cooling part? not for the faint of heart, it`s a very intense feeling, you feel almost as if you`ve put ... like ben gay at your lashline and you can`t open your eyes, yeah, that weird/bad.

ultimately my eyes ended up feeling quite refreshed but I`m not sure the ICE version of these drops is for everyone. my itching is super massive so they work great but yikes, be warned !!!

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