Revolving Sushi Bar?!

5 years ago

i had dinner at a revolving sushi bar tonight... isn`t that awesome? i`m typically not a sushi person (shocking, i know!) but the novelty of this just really enticed me. i had to give it a shot!

if you`re unfamiliar with how revolving sushi bars work, there`s a conveyor belt with different sushi and other plates. the plates are color coded by cost. you take what you want when it passes your table and then you pay for the plates you grabbed.

the only problem with these sushi bars is sometimes you don`t know if something`s been sitting on the conveyor belt for a while because no one wanted it. i feel like with one plate in particular tonight, the sushi tasted a little older than the rest. however, it`s also really easy to tell which plates are popular and should be immediately snatched up when spotted! i remember i waited a while for this one plate that was always taken by the time it got to me, but when i finally did manage to get it, i really liked it!

have you ever been to a revolving sushi bar?

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