Revolution Tropical Green Tea!

I`m not a fan of tea but it`s good for you so I decided to try this
Revolution Tropical Green Tea when my boyfriend ordered this to drink. It`s a pretty legit premium tea bag- individually wrapped in nice packaging and the tea bag isn`t cheap quality as it`s wrapped in a nice mesh material. The tea tastes extremely good with some honey in it HOWEVER 6 hours later when I went to bed... I couldn`t sleep. The tea made me feel hot inside and toss and turn so did my boyfriend. The next morning my friend who also drank this claimed to not be able to sleep either. This tea seems to keep you awake and not a tea I would buy or order again unless you`re trying to pull an all-nighter perhaps! While looking up where to buy this tea, it sounds like the tea has some other ingredients so if you have some allergies don`t drink it. More information on the person who had an allergic reaction:
Are you a fan of tea? What kind of tea do you generally drink or buy?
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